LED Controller version 0.1

After many evenings and a long time of learning to use all the required resources of the PIC16F1825, here is the first version of the LED controller for my quadcopter. It requires some debugging but it works.

The video shows the test setup of the LED controller. The transmitter is on the right and the receiver is the small box between the transmitter and the breadboard.

The circuit on the breadboard consists of two PIC controllers, a 7-segment display, LEDs and some resistors. The left PIC controls the 7-segment and the one on the right controls executes the application.

When the video starts the 7 segment display shows a rotating segment for a split of a second. Then it enters the startup sequence for about 1 second. During this time the 7-segment displays  888 and all the LEDs light up. Then the 7-segment display shows the current mode and the LEDs enter this mode. The initial mode is 1 and all the LEDs are off.

Then I push the button that is associated to channel 6 upwards. This changes the PWM value on the channel and the modes start to change. There are 14 modes, so each mode corresponds to a range of PWM values and hence multiple presses are needed to switch to another mode. Notice how the LEDs change their behaviour when modes change.

There are still some bugs in the system. Notice how the number 154 appears on the display when I start pressing the button. This is because I configured the lower PWM value higher than the real minimum value. Also, the changing of modes is not smooth or predictable. This could be related to the non-linear configuration of the channel.

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