An expensive evening

I’m a strong believer in putting my money where my mouth is and since I consider my Naza based quadcopter easy to fly I let my friends fly it. We meet almost every evening in our local dog park that doubles sometimes as a tennis court.

So this evening I let A. fly it for his third or fourth time and he did a great job. We even let E. fly it for the first time for a few minutes. By then the battery almost ran out, the red warning light was blinking, and we were going to land. Just at this moment Johny joined us and asked for a short ride. He flew it several times already so I said ok.

Johny lifted the quad into the air and flew it a few meters away. Suddenly, and I still don’t know the reason for it, the quad rolled at a steep angle and fell from about 3 meters right on the tennis net.

At first it seemed undamaged, but when I tried lifting off again it flew away to the right and I saw immediately that one engine shaft was bent.

A bent engine shaft

A bent engine shaft

This was the second accident this evening. Just before that I flew my quadcopter 2 which has a Hobbyking multicopter flight controller and I still struggle to learn to fly it.

In my last flight for today I lost control over it completely, it flew fast and downwards and hit a stone fence. One of its arms was broken.

Broken quadcopter arm

Broken quadcopter arm

So right after this sentence I will try to glue the broken arm and straighten the bent engine shaft. I believe none of these fixes will work  😦

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