My name is Eli Gurvitz. I live in Israel.

This is my technology / maker blog where I write about things that I do in my very limited free time.

I’ve been working with computers and technology since I was 10 years old. My first encounter with a computer was when my dad travelled to the USA for the first time around 1978. He needed someone to open his files in IBM’s CICS on the OS/360 TSO system that he was using at work. If files were not touched for 45 days they were deleted because they took space on the tape rolls. My dad taught me to use the CICS interface and I opened the files for him. Soon I discovered the interactive typewriter-terminal in a nearby room and I started playing Zork. This was also my first use of English so I learned nice words like “ravine”. There weren’t any concerns about rain forests back then (I used a typewriter terminal similar to the one below)

My first “program” was a markup document in Wylbur.

I’m writing some of these IBM acronyms from memory and I hope I’m not mixing different stages of the pre-PC evolution of IBM’s mainframes. I should look them up on Wikipedia …

My LinkedIn account is usually up to date.

My email is: egurvitz@yahoo.com

If you read Hebrew, you may be interested in my other blog http://blog.tapuz.co.il/hatanin.